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love stories

Chloe & Nathan

It’s always gonna be a cracker when family all pitch in. This day ran as smooth as Nathan’s Dan Carter chiselled jawline.

Chloe looked stunningly beautiful. Nathan looked dapper asf. The sun was shining and the smiles were out in full force. What a fun day spent in the ol’ sunny Bay of Plenty. The evening turned out to be a bloody hoot. The Te Anau toughies got a name drop. Beach Jellyfish stories were told and dirty dancing moves were not had, then had. Thanks for having me along you beauts!

When a wedding is entirely about who the couple are, and the people they love, it makes for a great day.

Alyssa & Rhys smashed it out of the park with rare classic cars, burn outs on the ol’ Harleys, funny asf first looks and poker tables at Mills Reef, Tauranga. I’m stoked I got to be part of the experience and have walked away with some bloody good mates. Thanks team!

Alyssa & Rhys

Sarah & Ryan

There’s something special about backyard DIY weddings. This gorgeous family had an intimate ceremony on their lawn with close family and friends and it was magic!

Sarah & Ryan both got ready in their family home with both their gorgous girls. Family pitched in, trolley rides were had, missions to the harbour were made, miniature horses were ridden, tipsy sunset sessions were enjoyed, and a backyard shindig ensued. Cheers guys!

This gorgeous wee family spent a beautiful afternoon eloping at the top of a hill looking over the Pacific Ocean.

Getting ready at home with the kids made it so warm and genuine. Simon & Teilah cruised to Kohi Point on Simon’s classic bike. Teliah’s dress got ripped. Zero shits were given. Vows were exchanged, kisses were exchanged by all, picnics and cheers were had and lovely bush strolls were enjoyed. Such an epic elopement and a bloody great way to get married. Elopements come at me! Thanks guys.

Teilah & Simon