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When you sit down with a glass of wine to look at your wedding photos you want to be transported back in time to your day and see it as a stress-free magical day. I have prepared some tips so that when I take your photos, you are at ease and everything is prepared to make it a smooth ride.

1. If you’re a nature loving human like me, your wedding is likely to be outdoors. If this is the case, please be prepared for a wet day. I would recommend having some white or transparent umbrellas for the bridal party if you know the forecast is for wet weather. Also don’t be alarmed! We can take some epic rainy day photos.

2. Please could I ask you have all of your details ready and available for me:
• Invite
• Flat lay details: Shoes, jewellery, cuff links, socks, fragrance and any other items you would like included.
• Dress or suits
• Rings

3. If I am taking photos of you getting ready on the day please be mindful of the surroundings I am shooting in. Try be a tidy kiwi! You’d probably rather not have a pile of dirty laundry in the corner of every photo, or the recycling bin with your beersies from the night before in the background. Another thing to think about is having some nice hangers so we can get some lovely photos of your dress/suits before you put them on.

4. Grooms. It takes you literally a couple of minutes to get ready right? If this is you, it would be awesome if you could plan an activity for your best man and groomsmen to do before you get ready. Whatever floats your boat…Golf, clay bird shooting, monopoly, BBQ and a few bevvies… It makes for a fun morning and you get some rad photos of you and your mates too.

5. Cars… it’s nice to rock up to the ceremony in a sweet car. Beg/borrow or give your neighbour a box of beers if he can drive his mustang for your wedding. It’ll make for a grand entrance and some impressive photos.

6. Guest rules. Nobody likes to come across as being bossy, but a good idea can be giving your guests the heads up that you want an unplugged wedding ceremony, that would avoid having people’s forearms and phones in all of your ceremony photos! I get they want to capture your beautiful moments too but a simple sign at the ceremony or house rules from the celebrant will let them know what your expectations are around photos and posting on social media. It only needs to be for the ceremony!

7. When you have a yarn with your celebrant it can be a good idea to ask them about where they will be standing during the ceremony and if they could move to the side before you have your kiss. That way it’s just the two of you in that special moment. 

8. The bridal party photos can be a really fun and special time with your good mates. It’s nice to take a little picnic, and some bubbles so everyone can enjoy and relax while getting their photos taken.

9. Once we’ve captured your bridal party I recommend asking them to return to the reception so you can get some lovely intimate photos without an audience (if they’re your true mates then you’ll have a heckling audience!).

10. I’m a sucker for those magical sunset moments, but unfortunately this tends to happen smack bang in the middle of your reception/speeches. If you are wanting some sunset photos, I would love to take them, however it would pay to have a chat to your MC and ask them to allow for a 20 minute intermission (I will give them the nod when the time is right) so we can sneak away for a quick sunset shoot.

11. Bridal table. It’s really nice when the bridal table is facing the guests and there are only settings on the bridal party side. This allows for me to photograph you without anything or anyone obstructing your gorgeous mugs.

12. First dance. I’ll never get any awards for my dance moves. If you’re like me then you may think about not including this in your day. Let me try and convince you otherwise! It’s a lovely moment between you and your partner. The oldies will absolutely love the opportunity to dance, and it’s a great way to conclude the formal part of the evening and get the party started.

13. Confetti, dried flowers, rice, small items to throw at the married couple after they’ve been wed. It makes for a bloody good photo when you’re walking back down the aisle.

14. Pinterest boards. I’m a fan. If you have some ideas of the types of shots you’d like me to include on your wedding day I’d be happy to have a look at a pinterest board you’ve created and try to capture some of your favourites.

15. Special family members. If you have any special family members/friends that you would like me to get some candid shots of throughout the day, please point them out to me. It’s a great time to get them in their Sunday best and often they are grandparents or older family members that we’d like to capture some fun memories of. I’m all for photographing those special moments!

16. Family/group photos. Do you have a family member or friend who doesn’t mind using their vocal chords and rounding up the troops? Preferably one who knows most of the people at your wedding? It makes for a much smoother process taking the group photos and the stress of it will be out of your hands as you want to be enjoying your day. Also if you could please have your lists organised of who you want included in each of these group photos it will make their job much easier gathering people.

17. Timeline advice. I’d love to have a chat to you about the timeline of your wedding and how much time you have allowed between the ceremony and the reception for photos. I’m happy to give advice on the time of the day where there is the best light for outdoor weddings and what would work for you.

18. Please be aware that I do aim to capture all of your guests on the day. I try my best to get all those candid shots that help you see your day from your guest’s perspective. This helps me piece together aspects of the day that you may miss in the whirlwind of your day.

19. Flash. If you are having your ceremony indoors you’ll need to think about what the rules are at the venue. Some churches have rules about where I can stand to take ceremony photos or they don’t allow camera flashes. I’m happy to work with where you are, but it’s good to get the low down so I can be prepared to take some gorgeous ceremony photos.

20. Hold your kiss! When you go to kiss at the end of the ceremony it would be awesome for you to hold it for longer than a quick peck. That way I’m more likely to capture it and you get to have a good snog.

21. If you’ve got paper invites/save the dates etc. please could you give me a copy?! I’d love to incorporate it into your wedding photos so you can remember all those special little things you put towards your big day.

22. If you have time a lovely thing to do is write each other a little love note to read while getting ready before the wedding. You’ll get your partner amped to get married and I can collect some touching emo moments in my photos!

23. Lastly. Fun. It’s definitely how you want your day to be. I’m all about having a good time so I will do all that I can do be calm and collected and help you achieve a bloody good day. You may be hiring me as your photographer, but I am prepared to go above and beyond and take on many roles to make your day spesh!